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Callum G’Froerer

7pm Saturday 28 October
Perth Town Hall

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A program of new and recent solo works, with the mercurial double-bell trumpet as the centrepiece

Callum G’Froerer (1988) is an Western Australian composer and trumpet player based in Berlin since 2015, active in improvised and notated musical settings.

Callum G’Froerer presents a recital of new electro-acoustic works featuring the double-bell trumpet, an instrument never seen on Australian stages. A second bell allows for graceful transitions between different tone colours, new methods of articulation, and for allowing acoustic and electronically processed systems to occur simultaneously within the one instrument.


Ann Cleare: surface station #2 for double-bell trumpet, electronics, speaker membranes, and video (2017)
Liza Lim: The Window for quarter-tone flugelhorn (2014)
Cat Hope: New Work (2017)
Martin Hiendl: OFFSHORE suite for trumpet, voice, tape, and video (2012)
Sarah Nemtsov: FAN for double-bell trumpet, amplifed fans, and electronics (2017)
Callum G’Froerer: charcoal X for double-bell trumpet and tape (2017)

Irish composer Ann Cleare’s new work surface station #2 surrounds the performer with an extended trumpet sculpture – a hyper version of itself with 6-channel electronic processing projected by an array of trumpet bells with speaker membranes placed inside them, as well as video projection.

Liza Lim’s The Window for quarter-tone flugelhorn, commissioned as a gift for G’Froerer, is an intimate interpretation of a Rumi poem that speaks of the sea, the moon, and earthly desires.

A solo trumpet adaption of Martin Hiendl’s large-scale work OFFSHORE suggests an environment, a passage between land and water, between fixed ground and open sea. The live trumpet is embedded amongst phantom trumpet voices and moments of overwhelming electronics.

The two trumpet bells face opposite directions into amplifed fans in Sarah Nemtsov’s aptly-titled FAN. The performer’s feet operate the three fans as well loop and octave pedals – resulting in a constantly transforming, sometimes overdriven and cacophonous, unique display of the instrument’s potential.

G’Froerer’s charcoal X for double-bell trumpet and tape is a personal work, with reflections and recordings of the performer’s life as a freelance trumpeter as a background for slowly unfolding hovering textures, desolate expanses, and kaleidoscopic noisy moments.

Supported by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin and the Australia Council for the Arts.