DCC: Glitch

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by Harada, Matsumoto, Sasagawa

6pm Sunday 22 October
Sewing Room

Tickets online from Moshtix

Kouhei Harada [JPN] – Electronics
Mitsuaki Matsumoto [JPN] Prepared Biwa
Shohei Sasagawa [JPN] – Visuals

Immersed in research on postmodern and philosophical anthropology Harada’s glitch is generated by using extreme techniques to disassemble and reconstruct all envelopes of existing sound. Working closely with experimental video artist Shohei Sasagawa, Harada has built a body of work that has been presented at experimental art festivals around the world.

The sound of the “Data Complex Communication” includes error programs that lose several bytes of data, this makes glitch as errors between analog and digital. This glitch is not a type of noise but overtones of organic sound space.