iMprov Workshop – Anne LeBaron

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4 – 6pm Friday 20 October
Subiaco Arts Centre

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Tura’s ongoing improvisation program iMprov will host Composer in residence Anne LeBaron in a workshop exposing her approaches to music improvisation.

All about Anne LeBaron

The Chicago-based writer John Corbett was interviewed about his new book, “A Listener’s Guide to Free Improvisation,” by Rhys Tranter:
  “Free improvisation, in the sense that I’m talking about it in the book, should be properly understood, in my opinion, in league with the great art and architecture and poetry and fiction and film of the Western world. Its major exponents have asked some of the most probing questions, explored most deeply the potentialities of their instruments, and delved into the far reaches of human interaction. All the while, they’re doing so in a kind of music that is often described as “abstract.” So what? So’s Willem De Kooning, but he’s understood as a great artist. So’s Walt Whitman. So’s Jean-Luc Godard. What of it? Musicians like Evan Parker and Anne LeBaron and Charlotte Hug and Joe McPhee and Milford Graves and Han Bennink and Peter Brötzmann and George Lewis and Steve Beresford and Paul Lovens are among the great artists of our era. It may be awhile before history recognizes them for this, but I’m confident that it will come to pass.”