Fluid Territory

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Installation by Rick Snow (New Orleans) & Live Local Performers

3pm, Saturday 21 October
Cullity Gallery, School of Design, UWA

Fluid Territory is a new generative sound installation physically consisting of four custom sound sculptures. Each sculpture is vibrationally excited by a computer controlled home theater transducer. This technique creates sound and music from the resonant frequencies of the sculptures themselves. By analyzing the unique harmonic fingerprint of each sculpture and creating musical content exclusively from these pitches I am able to design a unique and unusual sonic language. In this space I compose sonic and musical behaviors that vary themselves endlessly while creating moments of liminal atmosphere, layered characters, microtonal harmony, and dramatic counterpoint. I liken the audience’s experience of the installation to discovering a complex alien environment realized in sound.

Its Seams is a large-scale composition scored for cello, clarinet, and analog synthesizer to be performed within the sound installation Fluid Territory. The harmonic content for the piece derives from collections of resonant frequencies found in the sculptures and deployed in the installation. Microphones route audio from the instruments to a computer which analyses the incoming, melodic, harmonic and rhythmic information to influence the sonic behaviors of the sound installation. The installation apparatus “listens” to the instruments and responds with its own harmonizations and musical behaviors. The players are located in the installation space in balance with the sculptures. Audience members are invited to sit amongst or around the sculptures and performers or to explore the space actively. Its Seams is a reaction in part to ideas for psychological self-help in the midst of an accelerating global misinformation campaign.