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Anne LeBaron (CalArts): Sonic Ventures in Post-Truth Surrealism: Raudelunas, the Rev. Fred Lane, and Huxley’s Last Trip

Liam Flenady (Griffith): The Reason of Sweeney

Dominik Karski: Gates of the Irrational

Hannah Reardon-Smith (Griffith): The Uncanon: Radical forgetting and free improvisation

Melody Watson & Dan Thorpe (Adelaide): Candidates for Deletion: A Discourse Analysis of Wikipedia’s ‘LGBT Composers’ Category

Cat Hope (Monash): Notating Electronics in the chamber music of Cat Hope

Benjamin Carey (Sydney): Musical Interpretation in Improvised Human-Machine Performance

Erik Griswold (Griffith): Action Music in the 21st century

Helen Rusak (WAAPA): Divorce: The soap opera

Chris Tonkin & Rick Snow (UWA): Mississippi Swan – Daybew

Lindsay Vickery (WAAPA): The Next Wave: the new generation of composers and sound artists in Western Australia

Cissi Tsang (WAAPA): Addressing Agnotology Through Art

Josten Myburgh (WAAPA): Composing vulnerability: Radical expressions of humanity in the work of Antoine Beuger, Jürg Frey & Eva-Maria Houben

Michael Terren (WAAPA): Fake it ‘til you make it: Sample libraries and General MIDI as expressions of precarity in new electronic music.

Elizabeth Welsh (Griffith): The baroque violin in the 21st Century

Cecilia Sun (UWA): Arts as Truth: The Reception of Hamilton and The New Prince

Nicole Carroll (Griffith): Everything In Its Place: improvisational noise set with custom hardware- Byzantine controller (Artist’s Talk)

Sage Pbbbt (WAAPA): The Residence Workings (Artist’s Talk)