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Installation by Rick Snow (New Orleans) & Chris Tonkin (Perth)

Gallery Hours 21 – 29 October
Gallery, Subiaco Arts Centre

Mississippi Swan is a virtual artist emerging from collaboration between Rick Snow, New Orleans and Chris Tonkin, Perth. The artist’s name derives from the major river systems flowing through each city. Daybew presents an algorithmic, data-driven, geography-collapsing cultural synthesis of influences. Consisting of a mostly autonomous but partially interactive generative sound and visual installation Daybew generates a new 8-13 song album and accompanying album artwork every 15-25 minutes. Visitors to the installation are invited to press a button to which triggers the creation of a unique album at any moment of their choosing. The resulting music debuts in the installation space. Beginning with the notion of ‘originality as synthetic’—a fusion of existing ideas and information—the artists implement custom text-to-speech algorithms, assembling lyrical material from tweets and news feeds originating in Mississippi Swan’s home cities of New Orleans and Perth. This vocal content is accompanied by algorithmically generated rhythmic and harmonic musical structures derived from popular electronic music idioms.