Club Huge 2

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Ben Carey, Dan Thorpe, Hannah-Reardon Smith  & Pedro Alvarez, Johannes Sistermanns 

9pm, Thursday 26 October
Paper Mountain

Club Huge  presents Perth’s young and emerging experimental musicians alongside and in collaboration with visiting national and international artists. These informal, late-night concerts are a chance to see festival artists and premier Perth musicians in a relaxed and exploratory mode.

Club Huge #2 sees Ben Carey perform ‘networks_articulated’, a new audio-visual electroacoustic work. Adelaide-based composer Dan Thorpe performs on sampler, making way for the collaboration between Brisbane-based flautist Hannah-Reardon Smith & local guitarist and composer Pedro Alvarez’s premiere performance. German-based sound artist and High Tides alumnus Johannes Sistermanns will close the night with eXcite, a work for an ensemble of transducer-operated percussion instruments.

Ben Carey [NSW] (modular synthesizer, computer, projections)

Dan Thorpe [SA] (sampler)

Hannah-Reardon Smith [QLD] (flute) & Pedro Alvarez (guitar)

Johannes Sistermanns [GER] (transducers, percussion)


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