A wave and waves

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by Michael Pisaro

Performed by Speak Percussion and 96 musicians

1pm and 4pm Sunday 29 October
Midland Railway Workshops

Proudly Sponsored by The City Of Swan

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A work for 100 percussionists by seminal Waldelweiser composer Michael Pisaro.

Performed in the iconic Midland Railway Workshops

In this rare, deep listening experience the audience sits among the performers to experience the music as if part of an ocean of sound. Colossal percussive waves are created by layers of imperceptibly soft sounds— sandpaper on stone, seeds falling on glass, bowed bells—forming a textural landscape bristling with detail.

A wave and waves is a work of monumental scale, experienced with intimate immediacy—as countless tiny moments of friction, gravity and vibration heave into life like a single, pulsing organism.

Premiered in 2016 at the Melbourne Festival. This will be third only performance.

A wave and waves – Michael Pisaro (Excerpts) from Speak Percussion on Vimeo.

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